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Wellness and Weight Loss

At Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa, we approach wellness and weight loss different than most medical spas. Along with identifying possible medical issues, we provide our patients with guidance, as well as a personalized program for nutrition, lifestyle, support, and fitness. In other words, our wellness and weight-loss solution is all-encompassing.

Our goal is to assist both men and women achieve optimal health and wellness. Because we are dedicated to helping you enjoy life to the fullest, we address this from every possible angle. And if you desire to sculpt your body, click here to learn about Body Contouring.

Nutrition Assessment

We begin with an assessment of your current nutritional habits and discuss your personal health goals. We will customize a nutrition program, taking into consideration your food preferences and cultural background. We will guide you and support you through your journey of improved health. Click here to learn more about this amazing system.

Lifestyle Assessment

Lifestyle choices can affect your overall quality of life. We will assess your sleep pattern, stress level, caffeine and alcohol use, and other important factors. As with the nutrition assessment, we develop programs that help keep patients on track, making it possible for them to succeed.

Support Group

A unique aspect of what we do at Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa is offer our patients access to various weekly support groups. For people struggling with food addiction or those interested in dropping unwanted pounds, sharing information and stories, along with receiving support from leaders and other people in the same situation works incredibly well.

Professional Counseling

Because we are a full-service medical spa, we refer our patients to highly-qualified counselors. We choose those references carefully, selecting our most trusted experts.

Fitness Plans


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