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Services for Men

Men have the same right to pamper themselves just like women. One or more of the treatments mentioned will do wonders for you and, ultimately, your self-confidence. Contact us at Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa today to learn more or to schedule a private consultation with one of our medical experts.


Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Body Fx is a non-invasive technology that uses radio frequency with deep tissue heating. This combination destroys fat cells and reduces cellulite all while tightening loose skin. By combining healthy nutrition, regular exercise and body contouring, we can help you achieve your optimum physique.



Botulinum toxin is an FDA approved medication used to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face. At Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa, we will help you achieve a natural, younger appearance.


Weight Management

We have an excellent weight management program at Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa. Our goal is to educate our male patients about proper nutrition and food choices. We combine that with counseling, supports groups, and special programming to help you drop unwanted and unhealthy pounds.


Personal Training

Coming soon!


Testosterone Replacement

Just as we do for our female patients, we offer men natural testosterone replacement therapy. Our safe and effective testosterone replacement therapy improves depression, helps lower cholesterol, reduces body fat, increases energy, enhances sex drive, and much more.


Gentlemen’s Facial

This facial is designed specifically to meet the skincare needs of men. You will receive a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, extractions and customized mask. Included is a massage of the face and neck, shoulders, arms and hands. As an additional add on, we offer a variety of chemical peels that are chosen based on skin type and desired effect.



Fractora is one of the most advanced treatments available for improving your skin's tone, texture, and appearance. This device uses fractional rejuvenation combined with radio frequency to resurface, re-volumize and tighten your skin creating a more radiant and youthful glow.



Men experience aging differently from women, with common male aging signs seen in forehead creases, mid-face drooping, and jowls deepening around the jaw. We help men fight these aging signs with dermal fillers specifically targeting those areas and more.


PRP Hair Restoration

85% of men experience significant hair thinning by the age of 50; for a quarter of them, signs can start as early as the age of 21. At Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa, we offer our PRP Hair Restoration treatment to men seeking a return to lush and thicker hair.