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Thanks to advances in medicine, injectables used for skin rejuvenation are now more effective and safer than ever before. At Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa, we take immense pride in offering our clients a host of solutions that will improve skin’s health and vibrancy. If you want to look younger and feel better about your appearance, we would love the opportunity to help.

What Are Injectables?

When it comes to skincare, injectables consist of different formulas. Depending on the skin problem you have and the outcome you want to achieve, one of our board-certified doctors will determine the right injectable treatment specifically for you.

During a consultation, the physician will gather information, examine your skin, and then make the appropriate suggestion.

Are Injectables Safe?

The injectables that we use at Amazingly Ageless are 100 percent safe. In fact, most of the products we use are FDA approved. Our goal is to offer clients alternatives to traditional skin rejuvenation procedures.

We want to produce optimum results with few to no side effects and no long-term risks.


What Are Some Examples of Injectables?

Although there are many reasons for using injectables, we usually use medical-grade injectables to eliminate deep crevices and lines. Take skin fillers are a perfect example. For cosmetic dermatology, these injectables have created new forms of facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment without invasive surgery. Not only do injectables reduce wrinkles, they also increase the volume of tissue around the treated area and improve the overall contour.

Botox ® is perhaps the best-known type of injectable. With this, the injected chemical relaxes the contracting facial muscles responsible for the development of lines and wrinkles. In more severe cases, a physician will use a dermal filler along with Botox ®. This treatment only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, with improvement noticeable immediately. The effects of Botox ® last three to six months, after which time you would need a touchup.

Another one of the top injectables is with a product called Juvederm Ultra Plus. Made of non-animal, biosynthesized hyaluronic acid, which eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction in some people, the results are stunning. Based on the types of lines and wrinkles you have, the physician will adjust the concentration accordingly.

How Painful Are Injectables?

None of the injectables that we offer at Amazingly Ageless are painful per se. While the skin around the lips and eyes is sensitive, getting Botox ® injections in either area could be a little uncomfortable. However, the physician can always apply a numbing topical cream or lotion to reduce the pinch of the needle.

Following an injectable treatment, it is common to experience slight redness, inflammation, and soreness, but for most people, that goes away within hours. In the worst-case scenario, you could have lingering effects for one to two days. By having treatments performed by our qualified physicians and following aftercare instructions, you will breeze through any injectable procedure.


Superior Skin Rejuvenation Services

The skin rejuvenation services that we offer at Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa are unbeatable.
Along with injectables, we provide a host of other safe and effective solutions.