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Feminine Health Rejuvenation

We understand that many feminine issues may arise after childbirth or with the menopausal transition. Symptoms like mild urinary incontinence, decreased sensation or pain with intimacy, vaginal laxity, weakening of the vaginal muscles and vaginal dryness are common. You are not alone!

As a Board Certified Gynecologist, Dr. Giugliano is well versed in feminine intimacy issues. She will listen to your concerns, and will customize your treatment plan. You deserve to be heard, and to have these issues addressed in a discreet and professional manner.

What is FormaV?

FormaV is a non-surgical, non-invasive method of feminine rejuvenation. The procedure is safe, painless and quick, and is the only FDA cleared device for female sexual dysfunction. Many women notice improvement after one treatment, but will achieve maximum results after a total of 3 treatments. The procedure works by simulating collagen and improving blood flow. You can expect enhanced sensitivity, improved elasticity and improved moisture of the vagina. Externally, laxity, labial hypertrophy and wrinkled appearance will improve. And lastly, many women note significant improvement of urinary incontinence.

Remember, you do not have to suffer in silence. Contact us at Amazingly Ageless Medi-Spa to schedule a consultation with Dr. Giugliano. Do something good for yourself, and your partner, with FormaV.